The Archaeological Museum of Sienese Chianti was established in 2006, a century after the excavation at the Montecalvario site, the etruscan monumental burial mound erected by the aristocracy that dominated the area of Castellina at the end of the 7th century B.C. The museum, set up in the exhibition spaces of Castellina’s medieval fortress, displays a collection of archaeological finds illustrating the history of the Chianti area.


The dawn of history



The age of Etruscan Aristocracy



Settlements, fortifications and sanctuaries



Wine and olive oil in Etruscan Chianti



The Fortress of Castellina in Chianti


years of activity
years of history


The Archaeological Museum of Sienese Chianti illustrates the history of Etruscan culture in the Chianti area expanding over a period of about ten centuries before our era, from the formation of the Etruscan nation to its complete assimilation into the Roman world.


The Museum visit includes the fortress itself which was a stronghold of the Florentine Republic during its century-long war against Siena. The tower offers a beautiful view of the town of Castellina with the Chianti mounts in the distance.

The Montecalvario burial mound

Not far from Castellina in Chianti is the great Etruscan burial mound (50m wide) that was excavated in the early 20th century. It was built at the end of 7h century B.C. and contained the tombs of an aristocratic family of extraordinary wealth.

Etruscan necropolis of Poggino di Fonterutoli

On the hill east of the medieval village of Fonterutoli are the remains of an Etruscan necropolis that was used from late 7th to late 6th century B.C. Grave goods were Etrusco-Corinthian oil vessels, bucchero symposium pottery and two noteworthy Athenian Black Figure.

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2024 Openings

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“This Museum is dedicated to the memory of Lorenzo Brogi, the founder, the president, and the very life and soul of  “Salingolpe Archaeological group” of Castellina in Chianti who was also the Councillor for Culture on the Town Council for a whole decade. It is from his passion for the oldest periods in our history that this Museum came into being, from his determination in seeking out that history, bringing it to life, explaining it to others, ans sharing it: in order to get a better understanding of where we come from, as to find out more about who we are. A project which many people have worked on, both along with him and after him, and which many others will continue to work on in the future. We thank them all. We have embarked upon an important journey. Our thanks go to Lorenzo  for showing us the way.”

The Town Council of Castellina in Chianti

April 21st,  2006

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